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Them That are Bruised was inspired by the cries of Christians whose voices have gone unnoticed for too long.  I was awakened to these voices when I made the following mistakes:


Held unto hurt and hid it

Became arrogant about God’s blessings in my life

Ignored those who were hurting because of my pride

Trusted in my own abilities rather than relying wholly on God


After going under God’s renovation process myself, I was enlightened to the devises of the enemy within the church.  Destined to pull others out of these traps, I began ministering to those who were bruised in order to set them free and enable them to free others.


This book tells the stories of individuals who have been bruised in church relationships and have completed or are currently going through the healing process.  It documents the hurt, pain, and struggle for peace that many endure.  Carefully crafted to be truthful, yet compassionate, this book leads men, women, leaders and church members to a path of healing and forgiveness, and develops the reader’s desire to trust in the Lord.


Them That are Bruised is drenched in God’s Word and reveals this truth: God’s Word heals the broken hearted and mends relationships.  And if those wounded would effectively apply His Word, they too will be healed, and set free.

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